Pivot One Earth Challenge

Pivot One Earth Challenge


Pivot and TerraCycle have teamed up for the 1 Earth Challenge.  We do everything we can to keep it green, and we believe in Earth Day every day.  We would like to see how YOU stay eco-friendly and do your part to keep the planet healthy!

To participate in the 1 Earth Challenge, all you need to do is post a photo of yourself doing something eco-friendly to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #EarthDayEveryDay.  The most inspirational and creative submission will win the grand prize, a Public M8i – Rivoli bike worth $1,499! Three runners up will win a Terracycle prize pack of sweet green products worth over $150. The contest will run through the month of April.


Ask Me Anything Webinar With Tom Szaky

Ask Me Anything Webinar with Tom Szaky


Back by popular demand, we are having another webinar AMA with Tom Szaky. This is your opportunity to learn anything and everything about TerraCycle and Tom’s expedition to defeating the concept of waste. Find out about his journey creating TerraCycle, his goals for the future, green living tips, or maybe his favorite food. So gather your questions, register with this link http://bit.ly/1sdoh3H and join us April 15 at 11am EST for this exciting event.

Be among the first 50 to register for our chat with Tom Szaky and you will have a chance to win a copy of Tom’s new book, Outsmart Waste!

Brother and Sister Team Wins Scarecrow Contest With Awesome TerraCycle Inspired Scarecrow

Brother and Sister Team Wins Scarecrow Contest With Awesome TerraCycle Inspired Scarecrow

We show you a lot of DIYs at TerraCycle, but a brother-sister team from Floral Park, New York took home crafting to a new level. While participating in a scarecrow-building contest at their local farm, the siblings decided to use Capri Sun drink pouches to create their entry, which ended up winning first place.

Entries were judged on the creative use of recycled materials and while most contestants used empty bottles and old clothing, the children were inspired by the Capri Sun upcycled book bags and pencil cases from TerraCycle. So, they decided to craft their scarecrow’s body out of drink pouches. They were able to easily work with the empty pouches and mold them around a wooden post to create the body and arms of the scarecrow.


With the first place award came a $100 check. Instead of keeping the money, the brother and sister decided to donate the money back to the farm to help the animals receive necessary food and supplies.  

The children are also participants in TerraCycle’s Drink Pouch Brigade program which they got involved with to recycle their Capri Sun drink pouches and help the environment.



The GoGo squeeZ Brigade Gets Bigger and Better

The GoGo squeeZ Brigade Gets Bigger and Better


The winter weather is making a fast departure and spring is finally in the air. With the new (hopefully snowless) season comes some exciting new announcements from TerraCycle about the GoGo squeeZ Brigade! Starting the end of March, the Brigade is accepting hundreds of new locations eager to collect and recycle GoGo squeeZ and other healthy snack pouches. Be sure to get up and “GoGo” here to sign up for one of the newly opened slots!

The pouches you collect will be upcycled into awesome products like this Retro Duffle Bag and Spiral Notebook, or recycled into bulk plastics. The best part is that you’ll be keeping all of this waste out of landfills and the environment in the process! All shipments must weigh over 4 lbs, or about 120 pouches, in order to qualify for TerraCycle points.

Be sure to get a jump on those GoGo squeeZ collections right away, because starting April 1st the first 50 locations to send in larger shipments over 6 pounds are eligible to win bonus TerraCycle points and some cool prizes! Both existing locations and new signups are eligible to win, so start collecting now and collecting big!

Have a question about the Brigade? Check out this GoGo  squeeZ Brigade FAQ, or hop on over to the GoGo squeeZ Brigade page to get some answers. Keep a look out for new promotions, Brigade expansions, and other incentives and contests at www.TerraCycle.com

ShopRite, Colgate Launch Recycling Contest

ShopRite, Colgate Launch Recycling Contest
Colgate ShopRite Playground Rendering

ShopRite and Colgate have teamed with TerraCycle on the Recycled Playground Challenge, which aims to encourage improved oral health and environments among schoolkids and shoppers.

Through June 30, schools throughout ShopRite’s market area of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland can vie for a new playground made entirely from recycled material by joining the “Oral Care Brigade,” a free recycling program offered by TerraCycle and Colgate.


Oral Care Brigade member schools earn one “Playground Credit” for each shipment of empty toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and floss containers received by TerraCycle. Schools can earn extra credits by getting parents and teachers to vote online.

“Colgate is committed to contributing to our communities and respecting the environment,” said Justin Skala, president, North America and global sustainability at New York-based Colgate-Palmolive.“Programs like the Colgate Oral Care Brigade and Recycled Playground Challenge offer us an innovative way to reinforce these commitments and for consumers to positively impact the environment by repurposing their Colgate oral care products.”

The school with the most credits will be revealed by July 18, with the playground to be installed during the 2014-15 back-to-school season. The first runner-up school will get 500 upcycled tote bags, 500 upcycled pencil cases, 500 upcycled pens and a $750 ShopRite gift certificate. The second and third runners-up will receive 250 upcycled tote bags, 250 upcycled pens and a $500 and $250 gift certificate, respectively. Additionally, five honorable-mention participants will get 250 upcycled pens and $150 ShopRite gift cards.

Magic of Recycling

As well as donating gift certificates for the runners-up, ShopRite is drumming up community interest in the contest through store displays. The chain “has a long history of caring for the communities it serves,” noted Karen Meleta, VP of consumer and corporate communications for Keasbey, N.J.-based Wakefern Food Corp., a retailer cooperative whose members operate more than 250 stores under the ShopRite banner. “This program is a fun way to engage our customers in this commitment and to bring to light the importance of recycling and preserving our resources for generations to come.”


The Oral Care Brigade is an ongoing activity open to any individual, family, school or community group. For each piece of waste sent in using a prepaid shipping label, program participants earn money toward donations to their preferred schools or charities.

“At TerraCycle,collecting the oral care waste is only half of the story,” explained Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of the Trenton, N.J.-based international upcycling and recycling company. “The real magic happens when our partners choose to reuse the waste in a way that has a lasting benefit a community, like Colgate and ShopRite have done with these playgrounds.”

3rd Grade Class Learns About Eliminating Waste

3rd Grade Class Learns About Eliminating Waste

By: Melissa Nguyen

Recently, I got to witness an atypical conference call at TerraCycle. The Global Vice President of Communications, Albe Zakes, did a video call with a 3rd grade class in Flint, Michigan. Albe showed a short presentation about garbage and ways to protect the environment. Just like the kids, I learned a lot of new information from it.

Albe started off informing them about how garbage is created by man-made products and could be harmful if it’s not handled correctly. Our society tosses about 90% of everything we buy into landfills and incinerators. Did you also know that there is a patch of trash known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s located in the North Pacific Ocean and is the largest landfill in the world. Animals often end up consuming or getting tangled in the trash.

Fortunately, schools like the one in Michigan are part of TerraCycle’s Brigade programs so students are learning how to protect the environment. They are making a huge difference. A couple months ago, TerraCycle reached a milestone of 200 million drink pouches collected. To help the students get a better understanding of how many drink pouches that is, Albe told them that number of pouches can cover the Grand Canyon, weighs more than 120 school buses and are about the height of the Empire State building! They were astonished and proud of their contribution.

In closing, Albe told the students they were already saving the planet just by recycling but it would be great to increase the effort. Even small changes in reducing and eliminating waste can make a big difference. It’s great to see younger generations learning about the environment and I think after their conservation with Albe they have a better understanding of how bad our waste system is and how they can make the planet a greener place to live.


How TerraCycle Changed My Life In A Few Weeks

How TerraCycle Changed My Life In A Few Weeks

By: Melissa Nguyen

Working at TerraCycle has been both inspiring and educational. I honestly had no idea there were so many ways to recycle old waste products. At first, when I applied to be a Public Relations & Marketing Intern, I did not think I’d be learning much about the environment. I was expecting to write, send emails and research just like any other marketer and public relations person. However, after just one month of being here, I realized that TerraCycle is a lot more than that. The company’s PR Department is super welcoming and energized. They work hard to get out the message of how people can recycle, help the planet and earn money for charity while doing it. I already feel that I am 100 times more environmentally friendly just by being in this workplace. I get to see my coworkers think of ways to better this world and it’s highly motivational. Seeing them work on DIY projects definitely drives me to be “greener” too. Even changing one little thing in my daily routine can change the whole world. To start, I’ve been reaching out to others and teaching them about TerraCycle and promoting the elimination of waste. I also get to see who really cares about being green. I’m happy to know that a lot of schools and organizations are finally realizing how little we need to do to make a huge difference for our environment.



Here’s How My Internship Has Changed My Daily Routine For The Better:

-Shop with a tote bag instead of plastic bags

-Don’t idle my car

-Share the news that cigarette butts can now be recycled

-Create new ways of up-cycling waste (DIY Projects)

-Notice different bins for different recycled waste

-Use fewer plastic utensils

-Use old mason jars as cups

-Bought a faucet filter to reduce the usage of plastic water bottles

-Recycle items I didn’t think were recyclable

-Gained knowledge about the Brigade programs and how I can participate to help a charity and the environment

Have a Green Spring Break

Have a Green Spring Break

By: Erica RodriguezSpring Break

Finally, the moment many of us tired, over-worked college kids have been waiting for: spring break. For many, their spring break is a time to relax and unwind from the regular work week by doing absolutely nothing. How about we change it up a bit? Instead of waking up at 2 p.m. and watching an entire TV show series in one day, how about we get up and start something in our communities. Let’s have a Green Spring Break!


Recently, I had a weekend off and I decided to go home for a few days. It was a great time being at home with my family and it was also a revealing experience as to how much potential I have to make a difference in my community. Walking down the street of a main road in my town I realized how very un-clean the streets were. I was appalled by the amount of waste that covered the sidewalks. With a closer look I saw that cigarette butts were one of the main sources of litter. Immediately what came to my mind was TerraCycle’s very own Cigarette Waste Brigade® and how my town would benefit greatly from partnering with TerraCycle and this recycling program.

I decided that during my upcoming spring break I would draft a proposal that I would present to the few environmental organizations, City Council, and Department of Education in my town to perhaps gain some support in starting this Go Green initiative.  This is something you can do, too!

Instead of sitting around at home during your spring break, get outside and take a closer look. Maybe you’ll see something you think you can change or maybe you’ll find your town has a great way of handling waste. If so, consider writing a letter to the Department of Public Works expressing your appreciation and congratulations on a job well done. Whatever you do, remember that you have the potential to make a real difference wherever you go, you just have to get up and do it!


Clementine Boxes DIY

Clementine Boxes DIY

By: Dominique Benton

It is the season for the sweet little citrus treats called Clementines. Instead of throwing away the boxes they come in and wasting good materials, it is possible to find a new use for them.

One really great use for the boxes is as a container garden. This can be a really easy way to add color and plant life indoors.  All you need are an empty Clementine box, a plastic or newspaper liner, potting mix and seeds or flowers. There are a variety of plants that do can do well living in containers such as herbs, wheat grass or small flowers like pansies and violas.

To start, take the material you will use as the liner and place it in the box. This liner helps keep in the soil. If you use plastic, poke holes in it to allow for drainage.  Next, add a couple inches of potting mix.  If the potting mix does not have fertilizers in it, add worm castings to the mix. If using plants, remove them from their pots, break up the roots and place the flower in the container, then add soil to fill the box.  When using seeds instead of flowers, follow the same steps but add a layer of seeds before adding the last layer of soil.

A container garden is one good option for reusing Clementine boxes, but if gardening isn’t your thing, you can use the boxes as organizers instead of buying something new. Be creative in your actions to reduce and reuse and make trash the last resort.

For more tips and idea’s check out http://yougrowgirl.com/growing-mache/, https://suite101.com/a/recycling-and-reusing-clementine-crates-a357823 or http://containergardening.about.com/od/containergardening101/ss/clementinehowto.htm

Green Super Football Party

Green Super Football Party

By: Chelsea Cannon

Green Super Football Party

The NFL Environmental Program boasts its green initiative at Met Life Stadium for the game this coming Sunday. This plan to reduce reuse and recycle can certainly extend to the fans watching the game at home. College students across the country will be throwing game day parties this Sunday, which can cost money and produce a plethora of waste. Luckily you do not have to spend as much on products that will ultimately be thrown away. Here are some simple tips that can help eliminate waste and conserve energy even during a large gathering.

  1. DIY project: take old football t-shirts and patch them together to make a custom blanket, banner, or tapestry. This way you don’t need to buy and eventually throw out any store bought paper or plastic decorations at the end of the night. Plus this is a project you can add to and use every year!
  2. Mention in your Facebook invite that guests should bring their own sports mug for drinks. You can even make it into a friendly competition to see who has the best mug or beer glass! This will eliminate the waste of plastic or Styrofoam cups. Recycle all cans and glass or bottles.
  3. It helps to buy in bulk because it eliminates packaging waste. Snack mixes are a great idea. One of my favorite snack ideas involves making your own “super bowl” out of Chex Mix. Check it out here!
  4. Eliminate the need for forks immediately by preparing finger foods. Specifically, make your own pizza. Most people already have the ingredients for pizza in their kitchen, and it is easy to make. Did you know that grease stained pizza delivery boxes usually cannot be recycled? (You could compost it but I doubt many college students have that capability.)- Another great environmentally friendly finger food option is slider burgers, which use 50% less meat.
  5. Finally, what to do with all of your chip or snack bags? If throwing big parties with solo cups and snacks is your thing, consider joining either the TerraCycle Snack Bag or Solo Cup Brigade. When becoming a Brigade member, you send in all your product waste by simply printing a shipping label from your account. We award points and have prize incentives throughout the year.

This weekend the sky will be lit up in the Broncos and Seahawks colors. Fans will bleed Orange or Green. But let’s all bleed green for the planet.  Have fun, be safe, and help work towards a cleaner planet on Sunday!

For more ways to eliminate the idea of waste at parties, check out these suggestions