Season Finale of Human Resources Airing Tonight!

“Human Resources: Building the Future”

Time for the big expansion on the season finale episode of “Human Resources”! Airing tonight at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, you will see the enormous new area TerraCycle has expanded to and completely upcycled.

Human Resources

Conveniently located next door to the original TerraCycle headquarters, the building is a mass open space with plenty of conference rooms and individual offices. The only set back is that it’s completely empty. In true TerraCycle fashion, the design team has decided to renovate the area using only upcycled materials.

The first obstacle that presents itself is the limited budget of $10,000. With such a massive space, the design team was sure that budget would not be enough to cover the renovation. That’s when the designers began scavenging for others’ garbage and turned out some truly innovative pieces.

This episode of Human Resources was nothing short of inspiring for us DIY-ers…corkboards pieced together with actual corks, desks made out of doors, and wall art made from newspapers and records is just the beginning of all the amazing upcycled products in TerraCycle’s expanded office. To check out some truly awesome upcycled ideas, visit and to send us your trash, visit


The Go CO2 Free Project

Did you know we have all the technology and solutions we need today to stop climate change?

We do.

The last week in September was dedicated as “Climate Week” where major cities around the globe hosted a series of events inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future. We participated in mass migrations like the Climate March, but then had to sit on the sidelines during the UN Climate Summit. What can we actively do as individuals to empower people with climate change solutions?

The answer lies in an App. We do know all that we need to know to completely eliminate fossil fuel use and CO2 production, a major contribnot-co2-emission-photo6utor the global warming crisis. And even better: in stopping climate change, we can greatly improve our health and increase jobs. The mission of the Go CO2 Free Project is to raise awareness and empower people across the U.S. with information on climate change solutions and what they can do to help protect our future, all through our App.

The App is a hub for information on specific actions everyone can take to help make the CO2 reduction happen. It will provide information on individual actions you can take like buying or leasing an electric car and participating in your local green energy program, to community actions, like talking to your neighbors about the solutions to climate change and your city council about local policies that will help move us forward.

For most, we are concerned about climate change but don’t know what we can do. This App can help. Please visit to learn how you can help develop the App and spread the word that we do have all the resources we need to slow climate change, we just need to know what to do to help.

New Episode of “Human Resources” Airing Tonight

“Human Resources: Fine Wining” Airs 10pm EST

Tonight’s episode of “Human Resources” is all about wine! Airing at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, this episode displays a classic example of what the concept of “upcycling” is all about.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.18.06 AM

We at TerraCycle define “upcycling” as collecting difficult-to-recycling packaging and products and repurposing the material into new and innovative products. It sounds much like a complex scientific process, but it can end up being a fun DIY project for your Sunday afternoon. In this episode of “Human Resources,” you will see how we do upcycling at our facility for our partners at The Naked Grape, a boxed wine manufacturer.


The Naked Grape wants to highlight their eco-friendly partnership with us by selling upcycled and recycled wine-related products to their customers. This initiates a mass brainstorming effort by the design and science teams at TerraCycle to discover new products that can be created from The Naked Grape’s packaging.

While wine tasting is spurring innovation back at the office, Al and Albe, the father and son TerraCycle duo, revisit their old hobby of stand-up and showcase their talents at an open-mic night.

Click the link to check out our brigade programs with The Naked Grape, and as always, to get involved in the upcycling revolution, click the following link:

Ask TerraCycle Founder Tom Szaky Anything!

Join us Friday, October 3rd at 12pm EST!

Want to know how TerraCycle got its start? How did a Princeton University undergrad speed his was to successful entrepreneur? What does the TerraCycle headquarters look like? What are the best upcycling tips for beginners? What did Tom Szaky have for lunch?


Feel free to ask all these questions and more this Friday, October 3rd at 12pm EST in our live, interactive, free webinar with the founder of TerraCycle himself, Tom Szaky! Back by popular demand, we put you in touch with our CEO to get inspiration and tips for an eco-friendly lifestyle from the man who popularized it.

Register at this link: and be ready to ask Tom anything Friday at noon!

We’re putting you in touch with Tom himself, but at anytime, you are able to reach out to us at our following social media presences:

New Episode of “Human Resources” Airing Tonight!

“Human Resources: Oh Baby”

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Our docu-comedy, “Human Resources” is on tonight at 10pm EST airing on Pivot TV! This week, the team tackles a new and challenging project: the recycling of dirty diapers.


Diapers generally go straight to the landfill, filling them up with millions of tons of untreated sewage. Instead of filling our Earth with fecal matter, the TerraCycle team tries to discover a way to recycle those dirty diapers. To demonstrate just how much they contribute to the world’s waste, here are some diaper demographics:

  • 5 million tons of diapers are sent to landfills each year
  • A full-time diapered baby averages between 5,000-8,000 diaper changes before the completion of potty training
  • 95% of American babies wear disposable diapers
  • Although disposable diapers need to be exposed to oxygen and sunlight to decompose, they do not degrade well in a landfill
  • Disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose
  • Decomposing diapers release methane into the air; high concentrations of the gas can be explosive and flammable


A significant percentage of the waste in landfills belong to used diapers, so an advancement in the recycling technology of this product would be life changing, but also a great challenge—who would want to ship trucks full of dirty diapers to be recycled? This is just one of the obstacles the TerraCycle team encounters during this task.

Speaking of dirty diapers, this episode of HR celebrates one of our employee’s pregnancies with a beach-themed baby shower! Tune in tonight to get a look at the diaper-madness with TerraCycle, and don’t forget to download a free UPS label to send your trash:


Want to recycle cigarette butts? No problem!


TerraCycle and New Orleans team up to recycle the city's cigarette butts

Photo: waferboard/Flickr

Recently, TerraCycle embarked on a partnership with Vancouver and New Orleans, making them the first cities in the world to start a city-wide cigarette recycling program. We’re extremely excited about it, but recycling cigarettes isn’t anything new to us. We’ve been doing it since 2012! And, even if you don’t live in either of these cities, you can still be a part of this recycling revolution.

Back in late 2012, our CEO, Tom Szaky, wrote a blog post for the New York Times about the collection program. There’s always debate within the company about who TerraCycle should partner with, and working with the tobacco industry could have been a risky move. But, as Tom points out, there’s no perfect product. The food, clothing, and cosmetic industry has all come under fire at one point or another, and yet we still work with them to help make their products greener. So why not cigarettes?

In the U.S., TerraCycle works with Santa Fe Natural Tobacco to collect cigarette butts. Each time a Brigade members sends in a pound of cigarette waste, we donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful. We then shred and separate the waste, composting the organic materials and turning the inorganic ones into plastic products!


Check out the original article here!

Overcoming the Recycling Challenges of Mixed Material Packaging

Tom’s New Blog Post via Industry Intelligence

Tom-Szaky-300x288 Nowadays, K-Cups are the most popular way to have your coffee. It is so simple and convenient—just pop one of those handy, individual-serving cups into your Keurig, add water, and in second you have a piping fresh cup of coffee, and you toss that little package into the trash without thought. k-cups But did you know that the K-Cup packaging is very difficult to process through curbside pick up? As a result, landfills are piling up with these tiny cups that are very difficult and expensive to recycle.   Check out Tom’s latest blog post via Industry Intelligence, entitled “Overcoming the Recycling Challenges of Mixed Material Packaging” to learn more about Keurig’s recycling efforts and the difficulties associated with recycling these materials.

Get an Inside Look at the Trashiest Office in Jersey

Get an Inside Look at the Trashiest Office in Jersey

Photo by Matt Hickman

Photo by Matt Hickman

As members of the TerraCycle team, we’ve grown used to the zany atmosphere we work in every day. We barely blink at the sculptures made of wine corks or the desks made of record players. But what does our garbage wonderland look like to those on the outside?

Blogger Matt Hickman does a great job of breaking down exactly what we do here at TerraCycle with all of the waste that you send us. We collect post-consumer waste (what’s left over after you’ve used your product) through our Brigade programs, which are typically sponsored by major corporations. We collect everything from tooth brushes to shoes to wine corks. We then either recycle or upcycle these materials into cool new items. Plus, a lot of these Brigade programs come with points-based incentives, like charitable donations to the school, charity, or nonprofit of your choice!

But let’s get to the good stuff: talking about how cool our office is! Hickman visited our Trenton, N.J. office back in 2012 for the first time and loved our trashy decorations. After all, where else are you going to find a conference room surrounded by curtains of plastic soda bottles, or a warehouse that gets a fresh coat of graffiti every year? Since 2012 we’ve added a lot of cool new stuff, but Hickman’s photos definitely give you a sense of our work environment. We don’t just talk the talk; here at TerraCycle we like to get trashy every day!

Here’s the link to the original story:

Human Resources: New Episode Tonight!

New Episode Tonight!

“Human Resources: Smells Like Success”

Have you seen TerraCycle’s reality show, “Human Resources,” yet? Airing Fridays at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, our show gives the viewer a look into the most inventive upcycling company the industry has seen as we establish our efforts to 22 countries overseas.

Qualities of social media manager

One of those countries is Canada, featured in the next episode of Human Resources airing Friday, September 19th. We have landed a partnership with the popular household odor eliminator, Febreze, in order to create our first air-care brigade! To establish this cooperation, Tom and two employees take a trip to Tom’s hometown of Toronto, Canada to the TerraCycle Canada’s headquarters in order to meet with Febreze representatives.

In the short period of 48 hours, the trio must establish as many public relations regarding the Air-Care Brigade as possible, most important being with Canada’s popular newspaper, Globe and Mail. In addition, the team travels the streets of Toronto attaining as many sign ups to the brigade program as possible.

Back at the Trenton headquarters, employees attempt to give one worker a leap into the dating scene by setting him up with an online dating website. Soon enough, he lands his first match, and his coworkers give him a crash course in impressing his date.

I bet you had never thought that Febreze bottles could be useful once emptied! We at TerraCycle are thrilled when we discover ways to recycle what was previously thought of as “trash.” To send us your “trash,” click the following link and download a free UPS label:

“Human Resources: Peace, Love, and Plastic” New Tonight!

“Human Resources: Peace, Love, and Plastic” New Episode Tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.18.06 AM

TerraCycle’s new reality show, “Human Resources,” is giving new meaning to “trash television.”  Every episode encapsulates the daily functions of our forward-thinking company as we attempt to make recycling and “upcycling” a part of the world’s every day business operations.

In our next episode, airing tonight, Friday, September 12th at 10pm EST on Pivot, viewers will get a feeling for our company culture—where small dogs roam free, employees partake in sporadic yoga sessions, and the spontaneous shot from a Nerf gun turns the office floors into a foam-pelleted battleground.  This free-spirited nature does not fly by all employees, as one disgruntled employee decides to take action.

Meanwhile, two employees each sell the same million pounds of recycled plastic. The team scrambles to find the additional materials needed to fill the extra order by testing the components of recycled products in the in-house laboratory.

Tonight’s episode also highlights TerraCycle’s partnership with Capri Sun and the Drink Pouch Brigade program.  In a brief meeting, Tom and the Capri Sun representatives agree to double the monetary reward from one cent per pouch to two cents, to be donated to the non-profit organization or school of the collector’s choice.  If you want to be a part of the brigade, download the free recycling label available at this link: