We often get the same questions from multiple people, and so we’ve decided to incorporate some website tutorials on the Community Blog, making it easier to print labels , redeem point, find resources on your account page, and more! This is the first post in a series of tutorials that will be shared continually! If you have requests or suggestions, please email comments@terracycle.com.
Navigating websites with a lot of information can be tough, and we want it to be as easy as possible to access Brigade items and send in waste! We get a lot of questions about how to print labels, so here’s a quick tutorial that should be helpful.

Step 1: When you log in to your Brigade page, you will see a large button that says “Ship us your waste.” Click it.

Brigade Log In

Step 2: The “Get Shipping Labels” page will come, and you will need to choose the Brigade for which you’d like to print a shipping label. If you need to print for more than one Brigade, you’ll need to do this for however many Brigade you are printing for.

TerraCycle Shipping Labels

Step 3: A button will appear that says “Print my shipping label now.” Click this button.

TerraCycle Printing Labels

Step 4: The site will take you back to your account page. You will see a blue box that explains how to get your label.

TerraCycle Label Account

Step 5: Click on your “Brigades” tab. You will see every Brigade that you’ve chosen to print a shipping label for. Under each Brigade, it will say “Shipment outstanding.” When you click on this, your label will open, and you can print it.

TerraCycle Label Index

Step 6: Tape that label to a box, and send us your trash!

Remember, if you have any questions, you can always email customersupport@terracycle.com and they will do their best to get back to you within 48 hours. Or, you can call 866-967-6766.

2 responses »

  1. Marsha says:

    Does anyone in the Akron, Ohio area belong the the Chip Brigade?
    We are looking for a partner for our chip collections. Thanks ==Robinson CLC

    • tccommunity says:

      Hi Marsha!

      Since we are just getting started here on the blog, one of the best places to connect with people is on our Facebook: facebook.com/TerraCycle. Good luck with your collections!


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