5 Recycling Programs You May Not Know TerraCycle Offers

You’re probably already familiar with TerraCycle’s most popular brigade programs, like the Capri Sun and Honest Kids Drink Pouch Brigade, the Frito-Lay Chip Bag Brigade, and the M&M’s Candy Wrapper Brigade. But what about some of the Brigade Programs that you may not be aware of yet? Check out this list of some of TerraCycle’s other Brigade Programs, and find your new favorite way to eliminate waste! Remember, all Brigade Programs are completely free, and shipping is covered by the program.

Earth’s Best® Pouch Brigade

Whether it’s for mealtime or a quick snack on-the-go, blended baby food pouches are convenient for parents and loved by infants and toddlers. However, the layers of plastic and foil mean that these pouches can’t normally be recycled. Instead, both the pouches and the caps can be collected and upcycled into great TerraCycle products such as tote bags and baby changing pads.



Huggies Diaper Packaging Brigade

Did you know that an average baby is likely to need 100 packages of diapers in just one year? That adds up to a lot of plastic! The plastic packages for diapers and baby wipes can all be collected and upcycled into Huggies bibs, diaper bags, and even rubber baby toys!



Nespresso Capsule Brigade

Some of us just can’t get started in the morning without an espresso… or three. Each Nespresso capsule contains 5-6 grams of coffee, but the capsule itself is a gram of recyclable aluminum. A single gram per capsule might not seem like much, but the EPA reports that in 2011, the United States alone generated 1.9 million tons of aluminum packaging! Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials, but if we want to recycle it, we have to collect it first. Plus, any leftover coffee residue is collected and composted- every little bit counts!



Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouch Brigade

Little Bites are some of the most popular snacks for school lunches, so they’re also the perfect way for kids to learn about recycling. All those plastic pouches can be upcycled into benches, recycling bins, and bike racks, so kids will be excited to see how recycling can support their school.



The Naked Grape Wine Box Brigade

(Please note: Participants must be 21 years of age or older)

In addition to winning dozens of awards and accolades from wine competitions across the country, Naked Grape also deserves recognition for its packaging: all three pieces of a Naked Grape wine box are recyclable! For every Naked Grape box, pouch, and spout received, a donation will be made to the Clothes4Souls global charity.



Interested in even more ways to reduce waste, make new products, and earn money for charity? Check out dozens of other Brigade Programs on the TerraCycle website, and start making a difference today!


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