TerraCycle Goes Global: An Interactive Map

by Scott Brown


As many of you may know, TerraCycle started from the Princeton dorm room of Tom Szaky in 2001, centering around the concept of eliminating the idea of waste.   Following its creation, the next few years of TerraCycle saw tremendous growth, having relocated to our current HQ in Trenton in 2004, and began accepting applications for waste Brigades in 2007.

What you may not know is that TerraCycle isn’t bound only to the US.  Ever since the start of the Brigades, TerraCycle began to expand to several other countries across the globe.  To this day, TerraCycle has created locations on almost every continent on the map. Each TerraCycle location is involved with their own Brigades that bring in different waste products worldwide.

In this interactive map, you can explore the 23 different international TerraCycle locations in order of when they were founded.  Each stop provides you with information on some of the products their Brigades accepts as well as the amount of trash collected and money raised.  To check it out, you can click here or on the image below:


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