Ready for a second round of HR?

Did you watch our first season of our docu-comedy, “Human Resources” airing on Pivot TV? Good news—there will be time for you to binge watch Season 1 before the start of our second season. That’s right…Season 2 is a go!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.24.22 AM

Another round of office shenanigans will be coming your way in 2015, featuring the “Recycle Right!,” a campaign for Pivot, TerraCycle, and Recycle Across America that is aimed to promote the importance and impact of recycling on individuals and businesses. Belisa Balaban, vice president of original programming at Pivot, hopes that another season of Human Resources will “organically spark a conversation about ways to affect positive social change.”

Our offices are abuzz with excitement about another season, and we hope you’ll help in sharing the good news! Click the link to read the announcement on Variety!

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